One minute
1 am
And you’re texting me
And I can’t get enough
It’s like
You’re right here and you’re next to me
But you’re not
But I could swear I feel your heat through the phone
Not ideal
But it’s close enough
To the real thing that I’ll take it
Cause if not, I wouldn’t make it
Cause it’s cold out there
And I’m lonely in my bed
And if I close my eyes I can pretend
That my hand is really your hand
I’ll fake it
Fuck it
Just fuck me
And bring me
To the edge
And push me
It’s not over
Until I say it is
It’s not over
Just give me
One minute
The rising sun and your exit
A moment to be spent
Spread-eagled and tangled in this land
That we’ve made out of covers and sweat
Be awake
Eyes opened
To the chance you have in front of you
One kiss and touch before you go
And we leave this empty bed here alone
And let the night be all that it was
Just fake it
Touch me
Ignite me
To flames
and cinders
till nothing
and it’s over